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اکس المنتز X Elementz
X Elementz
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At first glance, the signs are perplexing. The production on their debut pop and R&B album, "Now or Never" too advanced and too crisp. The music videos that accompany their first two singles off the album, "Bia Berim" and "Hey, Hey, Hey" too polished, and too fancy to be your run-of-the-mill, small-budget concoctions.

And the duos look? Too refined, too bold, too unique, too.....well, perfect.

In essence, twin brothers NICK and RYAN TYLER don't look like newcomers to the pop scene. And that bodes well for the siblings because it leads one to perceive them - precisely the way they want to be perceived - as seasoned veterans.

Performing in front of thousands of fans and putting out songs that makes little girls weep - and little guys envious- is sort of old hat for the tandem better known as X-ELEMENTZ, and that's because they've been doing such things since they were teenagers.

Influenced by the likes of Boyz II Men, Take That, Robbie Williams, The Backstreet Boys, Nsync, 98 Degrees etc... Souls Emotion was born, and Nick and Ryan proved to be a two-man crew carrying a ship of four. Ryan wrote most of the quartet's lyrics, while Nick provided keyboards as well as production.

Pop Duo sensation X-ElementZ, combines advanced, crisp melodies with infectious hooks. X-ElementZ is creating their own unique style within mainstream contemporary music. They just might be the catalyst for a Persian pop revolution.

The history of X-ElementZ starts in Persia where Nick and Ryan Tyler were born. At an early age, they were exposed to the Middle Eastern rhythms and developed a deep passion for music. When their family moved to Belgium in 1986, the Tyler Brothers discovered new Western influences and began to explore their creativity. Throughout their youth, they performed regularly and continually experimented with different sounds and different bands. But it wasn't until 1999 that they started to write and compose their own songs. As a result, they developed an undiscovered sound for an undiscovered niche. That unique sound landed them a deal in 1999 with Arcade, CNR-Music / Roadrunner Belgium.

Despite their busy recording schedule, both brothers tirelessly studied audio engineering, so that they could elevate their studio collaborations and expand their creativity throughout the production process.

In June of 2002, Nick and Ryan moved to England and formed a new musical venture, X-ElementZ. It didn't take long for X-ElementZ to catch on. In 2004 their song " Innocent " was nominated for the Belgian national Eurosong competition.

After performing around the world for several years, The Tyler Brothers have relocated to Los Angeles in 2005. In its current incarnation, X-Elementz continues to create groundbreaking music with infectious melodies that reflect different musical traditions.

In 2009 they released their last song called Iran Vatanam with a video that went viral with over 3,500,000 views on Youtube.

After a 5 year hiatus they are...